Time for Drivers Ed

Well it’s another big milestone for the Older Daughter. Yes, she started drivers ed this week. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. I’m basically one part proud, one part sad, and one part nervous. I’m excited and proud to see her grow up and accomplish things. I’m sad because this is one more step toward eventual independence. While independence is a good thing, there is still a part of me that doesn’t want to let go of childhood. Also, driving will soon be something that I’m not needed for, and dads like to be useful. Also, I now have one more thing to worry about. I have no doubt that she will be a great driver and I trust her. But I’m a parent–worrying is part of the job description.

She is understandably very excited. She has actually been driving up and down our driveway (about a quarter of mile long) for probably 2 years. So she has been chomping at the bit to drive ever since.

Dumbest Person, Part II

You may recall from an earlier post (I’m The Dumbest Person On The Planet) that The Older Daughter apparently doesn’t think I have the brains to read a movie listing in the newspaper. And that because of this, I believe she now thinks that I have no more functioning brain cells.

Well, it is with deepest regret that I announce the death of The Wife’s last brain cell today. Let me explain. The Daughters have been in soccer for many years now–I think we figured out 10 years to be exact. The Older Daughter quit playing a few years back, but now wants to get back into it. Well, of course, all the gear (shin guards, shoes, etc.) is now too small.

So The Wife is talking with the Older Daughter and saying that they need to go gear shopping soon. You would have thought that The Wife had grown a third eye. The Older Daughter could not fathom that mom could know anything about what kind of items were needed to play soccer. Nope, The Wife has been doing this shopping for 10 years and even coached for a few years, but how could she possibly know what is needed? The Older Daughter thinks that a soccer-playing friend of hers is some sort of gear expert, so she wants to go with her. I get it, she’d rather go shopping with her friend than mom. Why not just say that rather than implying that mom could have no idea how to shop for these items? Oh well, such is parenting in the perilous teenage years.

Anyway honey, sorry about the loss of that last brain cell. You’re in good company with me now.