Punday, June 22nd

His musical passing of gas is a work of fart.

Punday, May 4th

If I had a daughter born to me on Christmas day, I’d name her Mary Chris Smith.

Punday, April 27th

Welcome to a new feature on DITH: The Sunday pun, or Punday. I love humor and especially love puns. However, in a lot of ways, I love quantity over quality in my humor. It is certainly satisfying when I can evoke a good belly laugh from you. However, I also love it when I get the eye roll or a groan from a ridiculously funny/stupid joke. I think that’s why I love puns so much. With as little as one word, I can get a collective groan. I love it. So sit back and wait just a few seconds while I construct this week’s highly complex humor bit.

wait for it…


just a few more seconds…

What’s the best time to go to the dentist? 2:30