I’m The Dumbest Person On The Planet

I think my last brain cell just died…at least in the eyes of the Older Daughter.

A few weeks ago, The Older Daughter wanted to go to a movie with some friends on a Saturday night. They had some time constraints, so she needed to know the times the movie would be shown. I located the newspaper and found the movie listings. I showed her the listings and had this conversation:

Me: “Hey, I found the show times for that movie. It looks like it’s not showing at the time you wanted to go.”

Older Daughter: “Well those are not all the show times.”

Me: “Yes these are all the times. The want to sell movie tickets, so they list all of the show times.”

Older Daughter: “You don’t know that.”

I’ve been around for 39 years and thought I knew how to navigate a movie listing in the newspaper, but I guess not. I’m the dumbest dummy around.