The Power of Persuasion

I went to the breakroom this afternoon to grab some water. I wasn’t planning on staying, but saw a couple of buddies that motioned got me to join them. So I finished up at the ice/water machine and sat down with them. One of the guys asked me if I had noticed that the water wasn’t tasting very good today. I took a sip and agreed that it was less than desirable.

A few minutes later, we saw another co-worker walk in and head over to grab some water. We motioned for him to join us. Then I got an idea. An awful idea. Bryan had a wonderful, awful idea (wink to the Grinch there). I whispered to others at the table that we should tell the guy getting water that we think the filter on the machine must have been replaced, because the water tastes better today. We agreed on our evil plan and awaited his arrival.

He came and sat down. We had a few seconds of the usual pleasantries. Then I moved in for the kill:

Bryan: “Hey, I think they must have replaced the filter on the water machine, because it tastes a lot better today.”

Him: “Sweet, that’s great.”

(More idle chatter for a moment, then he took a sip of his water.)

Bryan: “So what do you think? Does it taste better?”

Him: “Yeah, you’re right. It does test better.”

I couldn’t keep it going any longer. I immediately started laughing and exchanged high-fives with the other two guys at the table and we filled him in on our evil gag. The power of persuasion is absolutely amazing.

Of course, it just occurred to me that the original two guys at the table could have been doing the same thing to me…hmmm.