Here at DITH, we occasionally use terminology that you may not be familiar with. I have coined some of these terms myself; the rest have been stolen from others.

Creswellians: A group of 3 families that used to live next door to each other on Creswell Way. A 4th family spent so much time in the neighborhood, that they have been granted honorary Creswellian status. We became great friends over the years. Even though we’ve all moved away from Creswell, we still enjoy getting together for fun frequently.

DITH: An acronym so that I don’t have to type Dad in the Headlights so much.

Fun Pass: These are passes that I occasionally request from The Wife to go do something fun with the guys. I don’t know what the exact criteria is to earn one, nor do I ever know my balance. I try to use them sparingly so as not to exhaust the secret balance.

Man Club: A super-secret organization for males. All males are automatic members from birth. However, it is possible to have one’s membership suspended or revoked. I’d better not say anything else–I may have divulged too much already.

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