Wacky Dream

I don’t typically remember my dreams anymore…or if I do it’s just bits and pieces. However, I vividly remember a very creepy/disturbing/random dream from last night. I think I need someone to interpret this dream. It’s really wacked.

In the dream, I somehow end up in a house where paranormal activities occur. I think I was there with a team of experts like from Ghost Hunters. I don’t recall any specific interaction with the team–just that I was there for purposes of investigation. Well, it seems that I got tired during the evening and laid down on the floor for a nap. As I was falling asleep, my dream (within a dream) cycle was starting up. I was dreaming of something like a blue mist and a creepy buzzing sound started.

This scared me and I woke up from my dream (within a dream). Before I realized what was going on, I was being hoisted up by my left shirt sleeve by some unseen entity. It lifted me all the way up to the ceiling, then gently put me back down on the floor. This happened two more times in immediate succession. The fourth time it lifted me up, something or someone told me or it just occurred to me to lift my left hand, palm facing up. When my hand neared the ceiling, a $50 bill appeared in it. Then the unseen thing gently put me back on the floor. End of dream.

What is up with that? Is that some messed up stuff or what?

7 Responses to “Wacky Dream”

  1. Lisa Says:

    OK – this is CLEARLY because you watch HORRIBLE SCARY MOVIES with your daughter who should not be watching such HORRIBLE SCARY MOVIES with her dad!

    THe $50 part – now there’s a puzzler. OK – here is my take on the whole thing.

    Lori has a second job which makes a bit more money for the house hold. $50 (dream bux) is not a ton of money but certainly appreciated. Lori’s additional job does not make a ton of money, but it is certainly appreciated.

    Left arm? Wedding ring on left hand. Lori reference. Lifting you by a finger would cause pain and perhaps a finger loss. Ew. Lifting you by an arm is more acceptable and less dangerous. This lifting is not meant to be scary or painful or damaging, hence the arm (left) and not wedding ring finger as the mode of liftage. And yes I say that is a real word.

    Also, another point to consider is you ate weird crap for dinner and that caused weird dreams. Hey – it’s all possible!

    Ciao baby-
    Lisa, Dream Interpreter/Violin Teacher/Soap Maker/Riding Instructor/Former Flight Instructor & Horse Trainer

  2. Bryan Says:

    You may be onto something here Lisa. The constant emphasis on left certainly indicates references to Lori. I didn’t eat anything too weird for dinner…I homemade Sausage McMuffin with Egg Sandwich. Wait! The cheese I used had the slightest hint of mold on the side. I scraped off the little bit of mold and went ahead with it since we had no other cheese and I HAVE to have cheese on the sandwich. Maybe I was on some crazy mold trip!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Oh that is it right there. Mold is a great way to daytrip if one cannot afford the LSD.

    Yes I made that up.

    But seriously, I do think the left side stuff and the financial emphasis is a Lori thing – and the good thing is I get the feeling it is an appreciative Lori thing! Go give her a squish for both of us now 😀

    I have to get to bed. Going to a carry concealed weapons class early tomorrow morning. (But then, what housewife isn’t going?)

    Tschüß! (Been really hitting the German hard. I mean, studying. Ich lerne Deutsch or at least I am trying to! I told Jim I am learning this so he does not end up with a sex change in that German hospital. Effective communication is important. And no, I am not learning it for that reason. But I think he appreciates my efforts.)

  4. Lisa Says:

    And have you ever made a fried egg sandwich with sourdough? That round sourdough that they sell at Winco ROCKS. Not the ball shaped ones, I mean the long tube shaped ones. Alpicella bakery brand, MAN that is awesome. OK – Gute Nacht mein Freund! Ich bin Müde!

  5. Lisa Says:

    oK – so your cosmic muffin friend (me) was just reading her horoscope (avoiding doing German study today) and it says this:

    When times are tough, or at least tricky, the universe often sends hints your way, via coincidental circumstances, vivid or recurring dreams or the appearance or reappearance of someone whose presence makes you feel a certain way. It’s up to you now to figure out what those coincidences and dreams are all about. You know you can do it. If anyone is an expert at unraveling such things for others, it’s you.

    SEE? Even my horoscope says I am good at this dream interpretation stuff!

    So did you finally settle on our analysis of the left side/money dream?

  6. jonsquared Says:

    I’ll tell you what that’s about. It’s, um, not PG-13 though, so maybe I shouldn’t say anything.

  7. Mike Markel Says:


    I’d like to request permission to reprint something from your blog. Would you mind e-mailing me?


    Mike Markel

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