What am I?

I had so much fun with my posts My Needs and My Wants, that I decided to try another one.

Here’s how this one works: Google “[your first name] is” (actually type in the quotes…they are essential) and share the first 10 results. That’s it: it is that simple. But be honest! I’m not going to formally tag anyone, but if you read this consider yourself tagged anyway.

Bryan is…is the bees knees! (well everyone knew that already)

Bryan is…proud that Future Now’s clients, including NBC Universal, GE, WebEx, Overstock and Dell, have consistently enjoyed dramatic improvement in sales using Future Now’s Persuasion Architecture® process (ummm…sure)

Bryan is…playing Russian roulette (I’d rather not, thanks anyway)

Bryan is…the proud father of two and appears to be very happily married to a very lucky WOMAN (very, very true)

Bryan is…a Gemini (no, I’m a Virgo)

Bryan is…playing Russian roulette (stop with that!)

Bryan is…going to be releasing a new single in July! (sweet! I hope it makes lots of money.)

Bryan is…one of the driving forces behind “Memphis” (who knew?)

Bryan is… fan of: Products, Websites, Music, Non-Profits (okay sure, those are all good things)

Bryan is…in your extended network (as I should be)

One Response to “What am I?”

  1. nectarfizz Says:

    1) Bekki is in your extended network <—My space..truth
    2)Hey there! bekki is using Twitter.<—very true..Bekki is able to imbue her musical creations with a strong emotional content that lifts her music far above the norm. <—I am?
    3)Bekki is the proud mother of four wonderful sons<–The heck I am!
    4)Bekki is an eclectic romance writer.<—more like reader..but still true.
    5) Bekki is a star<—I knew it!
    6) bekki enjoys sweet success…<—heh heh heh
    7)Bekki is a very rare female first name and a very rare surname <—I am rare!!
    8) bekki is a jew hater<—AM NOT..OY..:(
    9) Bekki is adorable by the way!<—Yes, yes I am.
    10) Bekki is doing well, and her husband Doug is doing just fine, too<—Oh my!..don’t tell Matt!..snicker.

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