Customer Service?

I was at the self check-out at Albertsons this afternoon. I looked over and saw a paper cut-out of a hand. On it was written “Good customer service? Give us 5!” You’re kidding me, right? I’m serving myself and you want a good customer service rating? Rather than giving them 5, they deserve 1 (and with the finger of my choosing).

4 Responses to “Customer Service?”

  1. John Says:

    We FINALLY have self-checkout in Pendleton. The problem, its at Safeway, the store that actually has GOOD customer service.

    I wager if Walmart put it in, it would be ‘off’ most of the time. Why on earth does a store have 40 check stands when some aren’t even open the weekend before Christmas?

    And at Albertson’s, where their motto seems to be, “Never more than 2 checkstands open at any one time”.

  2. megan Says:

    Do they expect you to give the paper hand a high 5? Or do they expect you to chase down a sales representative and psychologically scar him by offering him, an apparent stranger, a high 5?

  3. Matt Says:

    I think you’ve just misunderstood what they meant by “Good customer service? Give us 5!” I’m thinking that really means in shopt talk, “Good customer service? Give us 5! (chances at getting it right)”

    I say they have one chance, or the hand gets it.

  4. Bryan Says:

    Megan: I don’t know. I almost expected some survey to pop up on the self-service screen, but it didn’t

    Matt: I’m with you. I think that’s what they really mean.

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