Eat Your Vegetables…er, Voots

Those who know me know that I’m not a big fruits and vegetables kind of guy. I know that I should eat more, but I definitely struggle eating the balanced diet that I should. I really am more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

As I was running around Costco today, lunching on all the free samples, I ran onto a product called Voots. They are little chewable tablets, each of which they claim to contain 12 fruits and vegetables along with all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and flavonoids. This is fantastic!

They claim to taste like candy. I tried a sample and they don’t taste too bad. I could eat these and never eat another fruit or vegetable again…woo hoo!

Then again, I could try Vitameatavegamin and eliminate meat also…heh.

25 Responses to “Eat Your Vegetables…er, Voots”

  1. Bryan Says:

    It was at Costco so it can’t be a scam right? 🙂

  2. nectarfizz Says:

    Did I mention you are a little nutty? Ps. that guy is unnaturally cheerful and I know cheerful people!

  3. Bryan Says:

    You gotta love the back flip…what a freak.

  4. Matt Says:

    Do the chewy tablets taste of an odd mix of chemical fruit and I’m going on a limb here, extract of vegetable? Mmm, sounds tasty in the way only such a product can deliver.

  5. danny Says:

    Voots, yeah, i’ve been using them at home for a couple of months now. checked with our physician, these are the real deal. made from real fruits & veggies, not chemicals. i have eaten them (along with my littel ones), after buying them at walmart. they were created by a guy and his wife, for their kids. good stuff! give em a break, for trying to solve a BIG parental problem – removing the guilt of our kids not always eating healthy as we want them to.

    • gina Says:

      i had been getting voots at walmart too, but they quit selling them there. do you know anywhere i can get them for the same price. they’re oujtrageous online…thanks, gina

      • Anonymous Says:

        They are selling them for .99 a box of 14 packets of 2 at the 99 cent and more store
        by Crenshaw and Marine in Garedna C.A.

  6. Matt Says:

    “Do you pop out at parties, are you unpoopular?”

    I hadn’t seen the Vitameatavegamin clip before, that’s just a classic, thanks Bryan. Too funny.

  7. megan Says:

    I love the third kid with the red plaid shirt. Can’t wait to get me some flavanoids.

    Seriously, though, it’s not *that* difficult to get kids to eat their veg. Parents just need to take advantage of the naturally elevated levels of imagination in kids’ minds. My parents tried that, and I ate my broccoli every night while imagining I was a dinosaur.

  8. jonsquared Says:

    i wish i could do backflips…

  9. Bryan Says:

    Me too. Though if I had tried what he did, I would be in the hospital right now.

  10. Matt Says:

    If you take a swig of Vitameatavegamin you don’t care where you are.

  11. Bryan Says:

    An excellent point. Pour me up a glass!

  12. nectarfizz Says:


  13. mike Says:

    As of 12/18/09, Voots have -apparently- been discontinued. We signed-up for an automatic monthly shipment via, and they just informed us that Voots are no longer available and the subscription has been canceled.

    When we tried to access the website ( the only thing we got was a blank page.

    Anybody knows what happened to Voots?

  14. Kate Says:

    I just knew Voots were too good to be true. Pill popping was never so much fun (or healthy!). The heck with my 4 year old, even my husband was like, “when you get a chance, can you buy some more Voots?” I’d love to see these guys investigated though – good intentions or not, you just can’t make the claims they did (and money) and not have to answer to all us curiously, addicted customers! I WANT MY VOOTS!!! (unless of course, they’re discovered to NOT be good for me)

  15. Angel Says:

    I had been looking 4 them as well. I also was purchasing them Wal-Mart & could no longer find them…my children loved them! Something must have happened & we deserve answers…& y haven’t any other vitamin distributor been able 2 duplicate it…uhmmmm something 2 think about!

  16. Sin City Gal Says:

    Voots has shut down their website, but they are still in business. Call their phone number, 888/254-2672, and a representative can tell you where to find Voots and which stores now carry them.

  17. sandi Says:

    Called the Voots people at 888-254-2672. They tell me I can buy Voots at Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Rite-Aid… only problem is when I go to those stores in my town (pop 35,000) they do not have them in stock and they are not in their computers as available to order. In other words, Voots is mistaken.

  18. Kim Says:

    I got a box at our favorite health food store. not only are they the real deal but they appear to be close to organic in source as well (as in made with foods grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers). not everything is too good to be true…. Im thrilled with this find… and gonna look for them elsewhere too… but if all else fails… they are fairly inexpensive on the website

  19. Deana Says:

    I no u haven’t wrote since 2010 but I just tried boots for the first time I got them for .99 cents a box ! They expire in sept 2014. If you want some just reply and I’ll do what I can. They ac
    E. Are the real deal, I’m just learning my tablet ( if you can’t tell) I’m Deana

  20. Deana Says:

    Oops Boots not boots how funny

  21. Deana Says:

    Something’s wrong v v v voots maybe I fixed it

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