Hey, Abbott!

Abbott and Costello may very well be the best comedy duo of all time–at least in my opinion. I hadn’t seen their “Who’s On First” routine in years, so I went out and found it on YouTube. It’s still every bit as funny today as the first time I watched it. It’s amazing how timeless their comedy is.

If you’ve never seen the routine, you’re missing out. Otherwise, enjoy it again.

2 Responses to “Hey, Abbott!”

  1. nectarfizz Says:


  2. Matt Says:

    I always loved Abbott and Costello growing up as a kid, and to be honest found them funnier than the talented Laurel and Hardy. If there was an Abbott and Costello movie on television at the same time as a Laurel and Hardy one, I’d pick the former, almost always. I also liked Norman Wisdom too (being English), and although your tastes are simple as an 8 year old and younger, the laughs at the time are as good, if not better than any later on; real belly laughs.

    I’ll always have a fondness for the old stars of comedy.

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