Punday, October 5th

A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks at him and says, “I’m sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger.”


10 Responses to “Punday, October 5th”

  1. omgdidisaythat Says:

    shouldn’t that be ‘ a racoon boards an airplane carrying two dead vultures’ ??

  2. omgdidisaythat Says:

    seeing as vultures are carrion (carry on) and racoons are not, it makes abit more sense that way around. While still not very funny of course, at least that way around you are not left with the impression you forgot how the joke goes.

  3. jonsquared Says:

    i hate the limitations on carry ons these days. don’t they know that it totally affects the amount of souvenirs bought at airports due to impulse buying? and don’t even get me started on how many bags you can check these days without being charged a fee. i mean, what’s up with the weight limit? you can’t smuggle in rotund orphans anymore…

  4. omgdidisaythat Says:

    So very true jonsquared,
    I was bringing back 50 cartons of smokes from russia, by the time I paid excess baggage charges, I may as well have purchased them at home. And on one of those long assed flights to Oz I can no longer take a variety of aftershaves to spray on the smelly guy in the seat next me, just in case I can vaguely remember anything from chemistry, mix my jean paul gaultier and my hugo boss and blow the plane up. :/

    Never thought about routund orphans, is there a market for those?

  5. omgdidisaythat Says:

    or it’s personal use?

  6. jonsquared Says:

    great, now you’ve given me an idea…

  7. omgdidisaythat Says:

    I’m pleased for you. And moreover, I have just realised why they banned liquids. We all know it’s not possible to build a bomb from some shampoo, eau de toilet and a pack of breathe mints, but if you take all that stuff away from someone, your duty free aftershave/perfume sales are going to go through the roof!! … remember the smelly guy?

    Bet the governement is taking a cut of that little operation too !! Better see if I can Alex Jones on the case 😉

    Goodnight and farewell

  8. jonsquared Says:

    speaking of eau de toilette, i used to wear drakkar noir back in the 80’s. it takes a lot to make this admission, btw…

  9. omgdidisaythat Says:

    That stuff ain’t cheap, be proud, at least it’s not brut

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