What the Duck?

Okay, somebody needs to stop us. We can’t seem to stop adding animals to our petting zoo. Let me introduce you to our ducks:

Okay, so here’s the real story. It turns out that the chickens are not going to work out with the petting zoo. Despite the fact that we have been handling them on a daily basis to try and keep them tame, they still freak out every time they are touched. That doesn’t work so good when you are having small children try to pet them. It just so happens that these adorable ducks absolutely love attention and cuddling. They are a much better fit.

Not to worry about the chickens. We are keeping them around for the eggs.


4 Responses to “What the Duck?”

  1. John Says:

    What you need are PEACOCKS!

  2. John Says:

    And, Fainting Goats!

    I told you that months ago, but do you listen to me?

  3. Bryan Says:

    What, do you have some sort of commission thing going on if you get us to buy the fainting goats?

    We already have pygmy goats. Maybe we’ll add the dang fainting goats later on. If we don’t stop soon, we’re going to have Marlin Perkins hovering over our property in his helicopter ready to shoot our animals a tranquilizer gun. Oh wait, he’s dead.

    Give me a break…mmmkay?

  4. doug Says:

    you should try parlor roller pigeons they cant fly they only do back flips very cool birds

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