Lithia Sucks

I have never hesitated to use my blog as a sounding board to point out when a business just sucks. Boise Goodlife recently experienced horrible customer service when buying a car at Lithia. From being treated rudely by the salesman, to taking 2 hours to complete paperwork, to having a car that was not detailed, to a missing key and owners manual to boot, it was a nightmare experience.

But here’s the one that bugs me the most: They told her that they don’t fill the gas tank on a used car that is at least 1/4 full. Is that not outrageous? It’s standard practice for major dealerships to fill the tank of any car purchased–from the high-end models to the ugly duckling on the lot. Stay away from these jerks.

11 Responses to “Lithia Sucks”

  1. Mark Griffith Says:

    I under stand where your at. I had a clutch put in my 1999 jeep wrangler in july 2009.the worst experience I ever had. I was in Twin Falls; Idaho I told the service Writer that I wanted the fly wheel turned when they put the clutch in . when I came to get it I. said you turned the fly wheel? He said the machanic said it didnt need it turned.I took it and it chattered I took it back and said i want the fly wheel turned. They said you want us to do it for free. I said no I already paid you for it now i want it done. The service manager took the jeep and called me at 3:00 pm an said the machine shop said that it was the niceist fly wheel they had seen and didnt want to turn it .The jeep had 130000 miles on it when it needed it first clutch .The old clutch had no chatter the new one does STAY AWAY FROM LITHIA MOTORS. What a bunch of bastarders.But they still got my money

  2. mike ward Says:

    I believe you, Lithia Ford of Roseburg Oregon service dept said they gad a new harness for my cruise control it was free but I couldnt stay in the vehicle while they changed it. afterwards ever since it shuts down by the PATS anti theft system n I paid Lithia to fix it by code program the keys which it is not recognizing they got paid n they refuse to do it even though 8 days after they programmed it shut down again for the same vehicle code. n they refused to fix it even though they were already paid. In my opinion do business elsewhere!

  3. mike ward Says:

    my truck starts for a few minutes then shuts down again since october! Lithia did this to my truck. in my opinion do business elsewhere!!!

  4. CrazyVinne Says:

    Took me three days to get through to the service department. Three freaking days! Lithia of Fairbanks AK can eat it.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I was given a car that had NO gas! Had to get gas on my way home. Course that was nothing compared to the lies and horrid customer services! Never been treated so bad in my life. Stay away from Lithia Toyota in Springfield!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    OMG! Not only do you want a free car, but you want free gas too?! Get the f over it and buy your own freakin’ gas crybabies!!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i used work there lithia buys and thay run it to ground STAY FAR AWAY

  8. Gert Says:

    Great article. Very useful for our new technician training manual. Always helps to have another expert opinion when it comes to bugs.: Buggin Out

  9. Fred Says:

    Great article. Very useful for our new technician training manual. Always helps to have another expert opinion when it comes to bugs.: Buggin Out

  10. Eddy Says:

    Same in Lithia Pocatello,both sales and service departments suck and tottally lack professionalism, treat customers with no respect I have no issues driving extra 45 minutes and buying and servicing my Jeeps elsewhere…

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