Stealth Vegetables

Those who have known me throughout the years know that I have an unnatural fear of vegetables. Okay, maybe fear is not the right word. Hate is probably closer to the truth. Just give me my meat and potatoes and no one will get hurt.

I have actually come a long ways over the years. I believe that since childhood I have doubled the number of vegetables I’ll eat. Yes, that’s right, I’ll eat corn and green beans now!

V8 is absolutely hideous. Sure, squeeze all the liquid out of the veggies I don’t like and put them into a can. The smell of the stuff nearly makes me puke. Jack Bauer could get me to spill the beans on anything by just pouring some V8 into my mouth.

However, they have come out with a new product that is fantastic: V8 V-Fusion. An 8 ounce serving provides a serving a fruit and a serving of vegetables while tasting pretty much like a fruit drink. Plus it has vitamins and antioxidants or some sort of other crap like that. So I can get my veggies, while thinking I am downing a tasty fruit drink. This is sweet. I can eat (okay, drink) healthier without enduring the nastiness of vegetables.

3 Responses to “Stealth Vegetables”

  1. John Says:

    How are you feeling about Pineapple these days?

    I have a fond memory of trying to get you to taste a bit of that delicious fruit.

  2. Bryan Says:

    Sorry, no change on the pineapple front. I’ll have an extra helping of V-Fusion instead.

  3. smysore Says:

    Ooh, I can count on one finger the veggies I ate growing up. I didn’t mind fruits though. When I was new in the U.S, most people thought I was weird – a vegetarian who barely ate any veggies. But since I crossed over to the other side of 35 a year ago, I’ve been eating a lot of the raw stuff, and just starting to like some of them. Acquired taste is a good thing …

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