Culture Shock

We kept very busy this weekend. We started off by providing (in conjunction with another 4-H club) the petting zoo at the Cinco de Mayo celebration in Caldwell on Saturday. This was an all-day event. It was a lot of work and very little money (provided as a donation to our 4-H clubs). However, it was a huge success. I can also see that with the petting zoo business we are starting up that the pay is not going to be only in money, but in smiles. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a little kid be excited and smile ear-to-ear as they hug a cuddly critter.

We also got to enjoy a lot of Mexican culture. The band stage was directly across from us. This allowed us to enjoy some great music–even if it was a little too loud at times with the speakers pointed directly at us. I also learned that there is more than one way to enjoy corn on the cob. I went up to a food stand to order corn in the cob on a stick–just like at the fair. The conversation went something like this:

Other guy: What would you like?

Me: I’d like corn on the cob please.

Other guy: Would you like that with mayo, parmesean cheese, and chili powder?

Me: (scratching my head) On my corn on the cob?

Other guy: Yes.

Me: Okay, what the heck. Give me the works.

I felt bad that I had no clue that this is Mexican-style corn on the cob. But I tried something new and loved it! It was great. Don’t get me wrong. You’ll pry my butter-dripping corn cob out of my cold, dead hands. However, I tried something new, loved it, and would definitely have it again.

3 Responses to “Culture Shock”

  1. smysore Says:

    Thats how we Indians eat corn on the cob too. Not mayo and cheese but usually lemon juice and red chili powder rubbed on it.

  2. John Says:

    mmmm boy!

    No wonder Americans are fat tubs o’Goo!

    Take something yummy and smear it with MAYONNAISE?!?! That just sounds GROSS from the beginning.

    Congrats on the Zoo Gig. I was thinking, you should get a set of ‘Fainting Goats’. Serious, my father-in-law had some for a while and they are FUN! When you run up on them, they stiffen their legs and fall over. HILARIOUS! **They were usually out for a couple minutes, then they would hop right up and go on their merry way.

  3. Nectarfizz Says:


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