Crazy Hat

Okay, she’ll probably kill me for this (sorry that this might be my last post), but I wanted to post a picture of the Older Daughter that I took yesterday. The dichotomy is amazing. She’s wearing a crazy fuzzy winter hat that covers most of her head. Yeah, this while wearing sunglasses and a tanktop in 70-degree weather.


2 Responses to “Crazy Hat”

  1. jonsquared Says:

    It’s been nice knowing ya, B.

  2. John Says:

    It is amazing what a dichotomy these bizarre creatures (teen girls) are.

    She APPEARS to be having a good time, a truly heartwarming memory in the making. But alas, if one were to ask her about it now, she will recall heart wrenching trials and tribulations associated with this event.

    … and the gray hairs multiply.

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