Good Fortune Ahead?

It’s a rare treat when The Wife and I are able to meet for lunch during a busy work day. Yesterday was such an occasion. We met for lunch at a Chinese place not too far from where I work. It was a nice break from a hectic day. We caught up on life, talked about the kids, talked about the new business, etc. Alas, the time passed much too fast and soon we were cracking open our fortune cookies and paying for lunch. My jaw dropped when I read my fortune:

Ok, I know you are like: so what? Those that follow this blog know that I am being laid off this summer. My last day happens to be July 18th. This is exactly 3 months after our lunch date: April 18th.

How freaky is that?

5 Responses to “Good Fortune Ahead?”

  1. jonsquared Says:

    You know what they say about some blessings being in disguise? I wish you all the best. Cheers!

  2. Rick Says:

    I don’t know about 3 months from now, but right now you’re been blessed with a meme from my place:

  3. John Says:

    I certainly don’t want to be the one to burst your bubble… OK, yes I do.

    Don’t you know that you ALWAYS add the words “In Bed” to the end of a fortune?

    And in that case, this WHOLE post is just TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

  4. Bryan Says:

    In the grand scheme of things, I’d prefer the “good things” to be a lucrative new job. But I’ll take the “in bed” if that’s all it means. Hey, I’m a guy. That’s how I roll.

  5. nectarfizz Says:

    Hang in there love!

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