Picking Up Chicks

I have the greatest wife in the world. Check this out: She went out this afternoon and picked up 5 chicks to bring home to me! No kidding. Not many couples have such an open, understanding relationship. I am very fortunate, indeed.

Check out the newest members of our petting zoo below: day-old chicks. They were huddled up and not interested in looking at the camera. I’ll post a better picture when I can get one.

3 Responses to “Picking Up Chicks”

  1. Nectarfizz Says:

    Awww..Little fuzzy butts!!!

  2. jonsquared Says:

    dang! i got reeled in by your post title only to find you were being literal. geez…

  3. Bryan Says:

    (evil laughter) Clever titles are a cheap way to bring in a few extra hits. 🙂

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