Where am I Anyway?

I mentioned that I am on vacation in Portland, Oregon this week. Well, that not quite correct. I’m actually in Vancouver, Washington. The people of Vancouver probably don’t like that I am saying Portland. However, it’s just easier than trying to explain where Vancouver is. Plus, if it weren’t for the Columbia River, this would be Portland. So there.

However, this got me thinking about all the places I’ve lived that have an identity crisis. I’m afraid it’s running rampant. Let’s take a look at them:

  • I was born in Lebanon–no, not the Middle Eastern country: Lebanon, Oregon
  • I then moved to Ontario–no, not California or Canada: Ontario, Oregon
  • My wife is from Vancouver–no, not Canada: Vancouver, Washington

4 Responses to “Where am I Anyway?”

  1. Rick Says:

    True Oregonians will know those places without the need for an explanation. Have fun on vacation. If you’re coming through Hermiston and need anything, the number is 541 571 2403.

  2. John Says:

    Dang Rick… expect some kooky calls!

    Bry… We will be back in Pendleton Wednesday evening. Give ME a call and we’ll FEED YOU DINNER!

  3. Rick Says:

    Dang John, we’re going to just miss each other. I’m headed to Portland Wed. morning, so I’ll have to take a rain check after we get back. Should be back Fri/Sat some time; I’ll let you know. Or just give me a call. My number is listed here. 🙂

  4. Nectarfizz Says:

    (breaks into giggles.)

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