Blogger’s Block

I think that it takes several things for a blogger to develop a devoted following. Foremost is probably the ability to write in an intelligent, interesting, and entertaining manner. Creativity is also key. I mean a really (yawn) enjoy those blogs that simply directly copy stuff from other sites, but I think the most interesting bloggers generate their own material and/or provide an interesting new take on something they have come across. Finally, regular posting absolutely key. If I happen to hit a blog and see that they only post once a month, I’m not going to be inclined to return–regardless of how good the material is.

So this is where I’m headed with all this: I’m experiencing a serious case of blogger’s block right now. It’s really similar to writer’s block except that…well ok, it’s exactly like writer’s block. I’ve really had a tough time the last couple of weeks. Fellow bloggers, what do you do to combat such slumps? Can you point me to the Blogger’s Ex-Lax…please? Which aisle is it on?

I came up with a couple ideas that I hope to implement:

  •  I know it’s so 20th century, but I need to carry a small notebook with me everywhere I go. I do come up with good ideas frequently. Unfortunately, I’m not generally in front of a computer or I’m at work. Those great ideas quickly drain out of my brain if I don’t act on them. I need to be able to quickly jot down ideas so that I can work on a post in the evening when I have some time.
  • My “creativity” often happens in bursts. I’ll sometimes come up with a good post and find that the ideas just keep coming. I’ll end with 3 or 4 posts in a single day during these brief moments of creative genius (snickers). What I really should do during these bursts is make 1 post and save off the other 3 (as long as they are not time sensitive) for dry periods such as I’m experiencing now.

Tomorrow we are headed out for a week-long spring break vacation. (Hold on for a moment while I do the Snoopy dance.) I’m hoping that things will happen on this trip to get some creative juices flowing again. Stay tuned.

4 Responses to “Blogger’s Block”

  1. rolanda Says:

    I just write “the blog about nothing”, just start writing and eventually something will come up.

  2. Allison Says:

    I carry a notebook with me at all times for unexpected and instant moments of inspiration (that always seem to disappear by the time I make it home.)

    Hmmmm….blogger’s block. Sometimes I’ll go through old pictures to jog my memory for a story to tell. If I’m very desperate, I will myself to be tagged.

  3. Paul Says:

    Well, you have discovered one way out of bloggers block, blog about it, hahah. I have discovered the best way is links. If I have nothing to say instead of copying other people’s work like you warn against I post a link to something one of my friends has posted that I like. Links are an important stock in trade of the serious blogger, in fact, what it’s all about. hello,

  4. Nectarfizz Says:

    When I get bloggers block (Wait..I don’t get bloggers block)
    Ok, if I got bloggers block I would inject a few lists of things..things I like, things I hate..something fun to kick start your creative side.

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