Foot in Mouth Disease

I have definitely said a few things that I regretted almost immediately–foot in the mouth moments I guess. Thankfully, I believe the number and severity of such incidents has declined exponentially over the years. This is borne out by the fact that the two worst ones (and they are really bad) occurred over 20 years ago when I was a senior in high school.

This guy sitting behind my in health class was a complete jerk. Constant rude, obnoxious comments–just wouldn’t shut up. Very annoying. One day, I turned around and said to him: “You are the most annoying person I know. I bet your family wants to kill themselves.” Yeah…turns out his brother had committed suicide the previous year. I just didn’t know him that well and didn’t make the connection with the last name.

Our band took a fleet of school buses down to Disneyland during my senior year (I guess airplanes had not been invented yet). Somehow I ended up on the wrong bus. I was stuck for 24 hours on a yellow school bus with the bus driver from the very bowels of hell. If you look up grouchy in the dictionary, you’ll see her picture. Go ahead and check…I’ll wait. Finally, I couldn’t keep it inside anymore. I looked over to the girl in the next seat and said: “Oh, I hate our bus driver. She is so rude.” Yeah…as luck would have it, I was talking to the bus driver’s daughter.

4 Responses to “Foot in Mouth Disease”

  1. Allison Says:

    Seems like we learn fastest from the really humiliating experiences (though I would settle for a slower learning curve to skip some of the humiliation.)

    Around the time Bobby Knight was fired from IU, I was on a long plane ride seated next to a man who attended IU when Bobby Knight first started coaching there. I made the mistake of saying that I was glad he was fired. Lesson learned: Know your audience. It was a very long plane ride.

  2. Nectarfizz Says:


  3. saintpaulgrrl Says:

    On that first example… OUCH!!

    On the second one, maybe the daughter felt the same way about her mom. Hey, it could happen!

    We learn our best lessons the hard way. They seem to stick the best.

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