Jeffrey Dahmer in Training?

I was talking with someone with whom I’m just barely acquainted a few days ago. Somehow, we ended up on the topic of a pet dying. He mentioned that his poodle died several years back and that he didn’t want to bury it where he was living at the time. So he put the poodle in the freezer to preserve it until he moved! I was deeply disturbed and felt like I should take a shower after our conversation. What is he, a Jeffrey Dahmer in training?

First off freak-boy, don’t put your dog in the freezer.  Second, if you’re not going to abide by my first request, please don’t tell me about it!


8 Responses to “Jeffrey Dahmer in Training?”

  1. saintpaulgrrl Says:

    Hasn’t the dude heard of cremation? When my cat, Mandy, died, we were in the process of moving and burying her in a backyard where we would no longer be living seemed ridiculous. I had her cremated, purchased a nice, discreet marble urn about the size of a brick, and her cremains reside unobtrusively with us now — NOT in the freezer!

  2. Rick Says:

    Poodle is actually quite good if you serve it with a hollandaise sauce and a chowder on the side. Don’t knock it until you try it.

  3. Bryan Says:

    Rick: ROFLMAO!

  4. poodle Says:

    Maybe he wanted to save it and make chicken poodle soup. Or would that be a cross between a chicken and poodle so it would be chickapoodle soup, lol. Definitely wierd, check out my poodle puppies site

  5. John Says:

    saintpaulgrrrl…. hasn’t he heard of burying it out in the flowerbed and planting daffodils?

  6. John Says:

    OR…. he could have used it as bait to GET A REAL DOG!

    you know, like a Labrador or a Weimaraner or even a Cocker “piddle on the floor” Spaniel??

  7. KING Says:


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