1968 Retrospect: Iwo Jima

You have probably seen one of the most famous pictures of all time–the raising of the flag over Iwo Jima during World War II. (See my previous post on Last Iwo Jima Flag-Raiser Dies).


However, have you seen the flag raising by Japan as the United States turned Iwo Jima back over to Japan? This occurred on June 26, 1968 per an agreement signed between the two countries on April 5, 1968.


4 Responses to “1968 Retrospect: Iwo Jima”

  1. Nectarfizz Says:

    wow! Keep em coming Bryan!

  2. jonsquared Says:

    I’d never seen that 2nd picture. That was quite historic for them, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  3. John Says:

    These are really fascinating. Good Idea!

  4. Matt Wilson Says:

    I met the guy who arranged the ceremony and handed Iwo Jima back to the Japanese. He told me the story one day after I showed him my etch-a-sketch drawing of the first flag raising which can be found on my Facebook. It was truly an honor to sit there and listen to a piece of history.

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