Hot Dogs: Truth In Advertising?

We recently attended an event that had various vendors with food and other things to buy. One of the booths was sponsored by the local animal shelter. It happened to be a food booth. This food booth happened to have a barbecue. And what were they cooking? You’ve got it: hot dogs. Something just doesn’t seem right about an animal shelter selling hot dogs. You start to wonder where they came from.

7 Responses to “Hot Dogs: Truth In Advertising?”

  1. Nectarfizz Says:

    hahahhahaha at least they did call out “weiner dogs, get you nice hot weiner dogs!”

  2. inspiredbrio Says:

    I hope you didn’t buy one…

  3. Bryan Says:

    Absolutely not!

  4. jonsquared Says:

    I think I just lost my appetite. Pssh, who am I kidding? That’s darn near impossible. Anyway, did they have sauerkraut?

  5. Bryan Says:

    I’m not sure. I didn’t want to go near it!

  6. Tasmaniac Says:

    Hot Dogs
    Beagle Burgers
    Schnauzer Sausages
    Pickled Poodles
    Collie Flower
    Chihuahua Chilli
    My mouthis watering already, I could go on with more but I’ll restrain myself on behalf of the dog lovers. 🙂

  7. TheDeeZone Says:

    I agree. Of course hot dogs aren’t barbecue.

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