Crazy Atkins Diet Experience

Thanks to John for his fad diet post to spark my memory of this experience. 

You probably remember that the Atkins Diet was all the rage a few years ago. You probably also remember that your local supermarket was suddenly filled with dozens of low-carb alternative foods to support the diet.

I was on the diet for probably about 6-9 months. It seemed like a dream come true: meat, cheese, eggs. What more could I want? And it did work for me? It did, at least initially. I was taking weight off at a good pace. However, in the end, I did end up missing those carbs and fell off the wagon.

However, the story I want to tell you about was my Atkins breakfast routine. I love having a sausage, egg, and English muffin sandwich for breakfast. However with Atkins, the English muffin is off limits. So I found some low-carb bread at the local store. It tasted roughly like cardboard–it was great. But I was committed to the diet, so I was going to use it. One morning, I microwaved the sausage and egg. Then I slapped it on my delicious low-carb bread. Finally, I wrapped my sandwich in a paper towel as I headed out for my commute to work.

I enjoyed my delicious sausage, egg, and cardboard sandwich while I was driving. (I know, I shouldn’t eat while driving–pipe down.) When I arrived at work, I grabbed the empty paper towel so I could drop it in the trash by the front door. It was then I noticed that I had eaten about 1/4 of the paper towel along with the sandwich. Yes, that amazing low-carb bread was so good that I couldn’t tell the difference between it and a paper towel.


3 Responses to “Crazy Atkins Diet Experience”

  1. jonsquared Says:

    It is a sad day when you can’t taste the difference between paper towel and fake bread. A sad day indeed.

  2. saintpaulgrrl Says:

    Ah, yes. I remember Dr. Atkins well. It worked for me, too, until I fell off the carb wagon and started eating every single carb in sight. In no time at all, I had gained back every ounce I had lost.

    My philosophy about it was that there are just no good substitutes for some things — like bread. Either eat it or don’t eat it, but don’t try to substitute it. It’s not worth the trouble when you can’t tell a paper towel from a slice of “bread.”

  3. bluesuit12 Says:

    HAHA awsome! I don’t understand how that diet caught on in the first place – to say you aren’t going to eat carbs is crazy! I could never give up bread, pasta, desserts….

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