Get Out of the Friggin Left Lane!

Ok, I ran into like 5 boneheads on the way home this evening that don’t know how to drive on the freeway. Here’s a clue: Use the left lane for passing, then move back to the right lane! I can’t believe how many people impede traffic by hanging out in the left lane for no particular reason. I have just submitted a project to the DITH R&D department. We are going to develop a tactical nuke small enough to take out just a single car. That way, when morons are clogging up the left lane, I can vaporize them!

Bekki, please take note of this. I don’t want to have to take you out.   🙂

2 Responses to “Get Out of the Friggin Left Lane!”

  1. nectarfizz Says:

    actually this is something Mark does that drives me NUTS. No worries there Bryan I already have that little rule in my head. I think I will be an excellent driver. My grandpa use to get awards for his good driving. I think I will take after him, Since he has passed away some time ago I will ask his spirit to help guide me as I they say “couldn’t hoit”

  2. saintpaulgrrl Says:

    When you develop this small, tactical nuke that will take out a single car, I want to be first in line to buy one. My husband and I have a little German banter in the car when there’s a jerk in front of us doing this. It’s from the World War II movie U-Boat movie, “Das Boot,” and it’s the interchange between captain and crew as they’re loading the torpedo tubes. We then go through the motions of firing the torpedo!

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