HP Sucks

This just in from the Dad In The Headlights Consumer Protection Division: Hewlett-Packard royally sucks.

I am completely convinced that HP has developed a secret technology to cause products to fail right after the warranty has expired. This has happened to me twice with HP products over the past several years.

The first was with a laptop. The week after the warranty expired, the power jack broke off inside the computer. I contacted HP support and the only thing they could offer me was a “great deal” on an upgrade. It turned out that their awesome deal was more than everyday prices at any local computer store. I checked into getting it repaired, but it would have involved replacing the entire motherboard. In the end, it would have cost more to repair than to replace. So, I tore it apart piece by piece and spread the remains across eBay. I probably got about $200 for a laptop that cost a lot more than that.

Fast forward to 2007. We had problems with our HP printer several times throughout the year. It would suddenly just start printing out blank pages–even with full cartridges. Each time, I would get with technical support and go through excruciating steps to finally get it working again. Well this week, even technical support couldn’t get it going again and they said there was nothing more they could do. And yes, you guessed it–just a couple of weeks after the warranty ran out. They once again offered me these incredible deals on upgrades that were not such great deals. I pointed out that their own records showed that the problems started well before the warranty expired. However, they politely said that they would be happy to replace the printer–if it was still under warranty. Grrr….

Whatever happened to good customer service? I know, they are not required to do anything beyond the letter of the warranty. I get it…pipe down. If I were running a company, I think that I would have an unpublished grace period on warranties. If a product fails within “x” number of weeks of the warranty expiration and the customer requests it, I would replace the product. At the very least, they could have actually offered a good deal on a new printer and I would have been happy.

Instead, if this post deters just one person from buying an HP product, they are money behind by not keeping me happy. (Evil laughter)

49 Responses to “HP Sucks”

  1. HP Customer Support Blows! Says:

    Wish I would have just Google’d “HP Sucks” before I ordered from them.


    Never again.

  2. Lizzie G Says:

    HP Sucks! How can this company still be in business!?!
    After the hell I’ve had dealing with hp it is at least semi-comforting to know that I’m not the only one! If I can spend my last dying breath giving one piece of advice to anyone buying a computer- DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HP!!! Their products are sub-par, and their customer service is non-existent! I have spent a year and a half dealing with these idiots and I can tell you from personal experience that spending money with hp is equivalent to throwing your money away!
    I bought an HP Pavillion laptop 2 years ago which continually broke down over the course of the first six months of ownership, all for the same problem that the repair center was incapable of fixing- a faulty video card. The third time I sent it back they told me there were had no parts left to fix it and that I would have to wait 4 weeks for them to either repair it or replace it. SIX weeks later I still had no computer & customer service, when they did bother to return my phone calls, kept telling me there weren’t any laptops available to replace it! After almost eight weeks I finally recieved a new laptop with a downgraded operating system. Literally the first time I turned on the new laptop to connect to the internet the screen flashed out and went black, the exact same problem that had happened with my last computer. I got so frustrated I put the thing away for a couple of months, knowing that since I had bought an extended warranty with my purchase I could contact customer service again once I had cooled off. A few months later I contacted hp again, and having been told that it would be repaired, sent my laptop off in their provided box. Two days later I got the computer back with a note from the repair department stating it was not covered under warranty, and would not be repaired. I called customer service and left 6 messages. No one returned my call. I then wrote a letter to the Board of Directors. I recieved an email a week later from the head of customer service asking for details of my complaint. I replied back and explained the situation, giving him names, dates, warranty numbers, etc. That was 6 months ago, and I still haven’t gotten anyone to reply since.
    THIS COMPANY IS CRAP FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM! They do not stand behind their sub-par products, and they will not honor their warranties. Take it from everyone who has gone through this- avoid them like grim death!

  3. Jellocat Says:

    I purchased an HP computer/monitor recently. I do like the machines. I’ve never had a problem with any of them. But I will say their customer support/service – whatever you want to call it – and their tech support sucks BIG TIME. For one thing, every time I try to call ANYONE at HP I’m on hold for an hour – and that’s after trying to get through their stupid phone system. And even when you get someone they don’t actually help you do anything.

    When I purchased my computer I was told there would be 12 months NO INTEREST. I just got the first bill. The interest picks up next month – that’s less than 90 days. I called HP Customer Svc to try to talk to someone. They put a dispute on it – that’s all. It’s basically my word against theirs.

    I guess I know what I’m doing with my tax rebate check… does that help the economy? Even though every part is made outside of the U.S.?

    You can read about my situation at http://www.jellocat.com – click on The Litter Box.

  4. MO Says:


  5. Tecumseh23 Says:

    As a nice gesture for my daughter’s graduation from University I bought her a top linr Pavillion 8200 Media laptop.
    It cost me about $2000,only 2 years ago,
    Now that Microsoft has screwed up her system with their wonderful Service pack 3, her drivers for her USB drive and her Cd/DVD/Burner are not functioning.
    We have the driver recovery disk,but can’t use it (no cd to read it) and can’t cpoy it on to a jump drive,cause the USB drivers are missing too!
    HP could easily zip the drivers for the whole dam system,but now that it’s out of warranty,they want a service charge.
    Why should we pay for Microsoft’s screw up and drivers ,thats hould be part of HP’s on-site tech support?

    These HP guys were total jerks on the phone!

    Never again HP….stick your laptops,where the sun don’t shine!

  6. drew Says:

    Some days this “2575 All-in-one” works flawlessly. Those days are rare. More often than not I have to stress out and not put a load of 000 buckshot right through it. It constantly jams, or worse tells me there is no paper when I just put half a ream into it. The support crew must be a bunch of rooster-slurping idiots. I have performed every trouble shooting step available and will probably be buying a new (hp compatible but not hp brand) printer. I hope my neighbors don’t call the cops when I shoot this printer after I make it eat the pavement! Chingar a la HP

  7. drew Says:

    I bought a hp laptop form compusa almost 2 years ago. I purchased the 2 year accidental damage warranty along with it. To this day, i have sent my laptop back 4 times (trying to work on a fifth!). The first time i had it shipped back was because it fell out of my backpack while riding my motorcycle. So, i sent it back because it was truely accidental. They fixed it no problem. Upon return, other problems started to arise. The first issue to arise was that the nvidia video card stopped working while playing my beloved video games. Also, after some time the screen would just flash (after running it for about an hour). So, i sent it back. They waved their wand, fixed it, and returned it back to me. When i got the machine back, i noticed that certain things like usb, flash media, and firewire ports did not work. So, I Sent it back. Got it back again, and then after about a month of using the machine, it started to smoke… So, i sent it back… I got it back the last time and it worked for a couple of months, did the video card thing again, and then started to pop and smoke. So (as before), i sent it back. Today, i got it back from HP. It was not fixed. I called to inquire why it was not repaired. The sent me to a special case manager that will have some sort of hazzard team call me within 24 to 48 hours… I am begining to think that they are half A@#ing the repair job to only last through my warranty period. So, to go along with the quality of product that they have, it obviously is a sub par product that in my case could possibly set my house on fire… Oh, i forgot to mention that the screen was cracked when i got it back un repaired. (forgive me if i misspelled, was never my strong point)

  8. Matt K Says:


    Their laptops suck so bad, I decided to make an entire web site dedicated to it.

    Come and post away. And you might find out more info about any pending class action suits and get your repairs for free, the way HP SHOULD be helping their customers.

  9. Kate Says:

    HP is definately a PITA. (pain in the a*s) I have a V6000 and let me tell you, it’s HELL! My warranty just expired, my hard drive is DEFECTIVE from what HP update tells me. Every day I have to reformat and re install, AND I get BSOD every like two hours. Service here sucks too, all i can say is, I’m buying a Dell XPS M1530 and never looking back, at this rate, I’m suprised HP isn’t bankrupt.

  10. Sad HP user Says:

    The same thing is happening to me. Every 4 months the motherboard fails and the last time it happened (today) happened as soon as the warranty ended…. Everytime this happens there seems to be a HP Update. Anyone uncderstand what im getting to…..

  11. nedina Says:

    they’ve had my goddamn computer for 6 months. NEVER EVER buying anything hp again.

  12. Dan Says:

    I’m currently going through this nightmare too. I have a dv2415nr laptop. It has already been sent back twice. Second time, it came back with half the RAM gone. It’s on its third repair trip now per my “helpful” case manager.

  13. Dr E Ross Says:

    Could someone from HP please contact me? Or are they all dead? Should I send a wreath?
    I work in one region, but live in another one. the DVD – player is anti-multiple-region-DVD. HP does not say that up front, of course – in which case I would have looked out for a DVD-player only. So, by keeping quiet about some of their features, HP is also mispresenting.
    Will keep this web-page informed if some technician gets back to me on my email (elmaross2007@yahoo.com), but do not hold your breath.

  14. Dr E Ross Says:

    So far, nothing from HP. I had to phone them. Only to be told by “complaints”, that they are SORRY, but nothing can be done. my system is now permanently locked in one region, but if i do want it changed, i could go to a technicial and pay for having it changed from region to region. Not even my 286 in 1990 was so pathetic. As said before, if this deficit was told upfront, i would not have bought the laptop.
    I told client service that they should not say that they are sorry, because they are not sorry. They are making the right noises, but they do not care at all about the customer. In fact, this is a ploy to make even more money out of the customer.

  15. Bryan Says:

    Sorry you are having so much trouble. I’m not surprised, because it sounds a lot like my experience.

    It’s not surprising that they are announcing layoffs every couple of months. Sucks that the worker bees are paying for the bad decisions of management.

  16. My Nvidia Fail Says:

    Interested in purchasing a computer with an Nvidia chip? Nvidia chip failure affects an undisclosed number of laptops, stopping them from booting up and causing display screens to go dark. For info on a Consumer Recall, see http://www.mynvidiafail.org

  17. Greg Says:

    I am now on a personal crusade to let people know about HP and what type of shameful practices their organization operates under. Below is a copy of an email I sent to their CEO.

    I just wanted to let you know that due to recent experiences with your organization I will never buy a product from you again. In fact I will continue to voice my opinion about the customer service and activities of your organization to everyone I know through every available media outlet at my disposal.
    I have been a loyal HP customer until the experiences I have had with one of your laptop computers and the customer support I received. In the past I have purchased a desktop pc, a printer, and a digital camera that were in my mind good products from your organization and considered myself loyal to your merchandise.
    I purchased a new special edition 6000 Pavilion series laptop and it has given me nothing but problems from day one. The constant freeze-ups, wireless outages, blue screens and slow performance plagued this machine from day one.
    I called your customer service line and was referred to someone from a foreign country speaking broken English that was extremely difficult to understand. He bated me into spending $99.00 for an extended warranty he claimed I needed just to get someone to hear about the problems I was having with my laptop. After paying your ridiculous charge for customer service that should be free, he told me my laptop had a motherboard recall and he would send me a box to have it shipped in to get replaced.
    I was hopeful that I would finally have a reliable product. After sending the laptop in, I received a call from one of your representatives saying that my laptop had a liquid spill on it and that the battery needed replaced for a cost of well over $700.00 to fix. Firstly, the supposed liquid spill and the battery would not have caused the problems I had with your product from day one. Secondly, what did my $99 your organization swindled out of me for your customer service do for me? Thirdly, why does your service rep. now tell me that it is not a motherboard recall, but an update (hogwash). And lastly, why would it cost over $700.00 when I could buy a similar laptop brand new from one of your competitors for cheaper?
    Your former loyal customer, Greg

  18. Bryan Says:

    Greg, thanks for your contribution. Sadly, I’m not alone in my bad experiences with a formerly great company.

  19. FilmFlashes Says:

    I have had problems for the entire year with M2727 and everytime I call they have another reason why functionality is compromised. Occasionally I get someone semi-knowledgable and it works for a while, then the errors pop up. I have logged hundreds of calls and feel like I am floating in an HP sea of vapidity. Between the unintelligable speech and the lack of knowledge, I don’t know what they are saying half the time, though I do hear the “apology word often, and actually I got the runaround when they were operating out of Canada, so I can’t blame the Costa Rican route. What’s an HP printer person to do?

  20. Bryan Says:

    FilmFlashes: Unfortunately you’re stuck with the crap you have now. Just don’t buy anymore. And spread the word.

  21. USA Says:

    Man, the pavilion series is only for USA and other few countries.
    I work with hp for years and i have no problem.
    Only pavilion fails, because are made for you guys… and you are some kind of lo***rs.. that’s why//

  22. Dany Says:

    i bought an hp pavilion dv6000 laptop a year ago,just 1 week before the guarantee ended the motherboard was not working i sent it for service and they replaced it,……now after almost 6 month from that incident that motherboard is not working again but this time i have no waranty,…but im not gonna pay a cent for this chit laptop im just gonna throw it away….this is the last time a buy an Hp chit

  23. Rick Says:

    Interesting comments here. I’ve heard similar things about Dell, but I have either bought or helped others purchase a Dell Computer at least 8 times in my life. In every case, that computer exceeded hardware life expectancy expectations. I just turned my parents’ P3 Dell they bought in 1999 into an xubuntu machine just for kicks. It’s working great.

  24. Jens Says:

    Hi to Dany, the Dv6000 seems to have a known fault. I believe HP will copme to the party and sort it as we have just had one done here in NZ under warranty, got a new system board fitted which is a newer part number… Modified i think.

    Suggest you look into calling the helpdesk.

    RE DVD6000 “i bought an hp pavilion dv6000 laptop a year ago,just 1 week before the guarantee ended the motherboard was not working i sent it for service and they replaced it,……now after almost 6 month from that incident that motherboard is not working again but this time i have no waranty,…but im not gonna pay a cent for this chit laptop im just gonna throw it away….this is the last time a buy an Hp chit

  25. Jamie Says:

    I would really just like to take momment to ask eveyone how to do buy a 2000 thousand doller product and not buy warrenty it would be like buying insurence and a year out warrenty you says hp sucks beucase you dud not buy warrenty on to keep it working..

    Just saying

  26. Bryan Says:

    Jamie: First, it might be useful to learn English. You don’t seem to have a very good grasp of the language. Second, why should I buy an extended warranty? How about they make good products instead of crappy ones?

    Just saying

  27. opinion Says:

    Just a thought,

    Sounds like they built a machine that worked for you. The warranty is there for your protection. HP created a product to work in the amount of time they said it was going to. It’s a gamble buying an extended warranty, guess you lost this time round. From your blogs, sounds like if you complain enough you will get what you want anyway because nothing is your fault.

  28. shrek2008 Says:

    I can totally relate with the issues that you went through with HP customer service. Like others have mentioned, I only wish I had done my homework about HP before buying from them. My nightmare with HP is at http://hpcheats.wordpress.com/.

  29. Reader Says:

    Bryan, funny how quick you are to judge one based on their ability to speak English. Surely, as the human population speaks thousands of different languages, you cannot expect every person online to have perfect written English (whether or not they agree with you).

    In regards to the problems, with technology rapidly changing, new models of (virtually) every brand of laptop are released annually. With the current trends in consumption, it is unlikely that laptop manufacturers will build all of their models with lifetimes exceeding a year or two. (And, as mentioned previously, an extended warranty is a safety net if you factor in the costs of many repairs.)

    Glad to see customers voicing their opinions regarding quality of service and product. The more people speak up, the greater the pressure placed on HP to shift their business practices.

  30. Bryan Says:

    Reader (as if that is your real name): Before you throw me under the bus, you might want to learn how to read a blog. I did not criticize anyone for their ability to speak English. That was in a comment left by someone else in reply to my post.

    Having said that, I totally agree with his comments. They shouldn’t be shipping their technical support to India where it takes much longer than it would have taken to have someone that can actually speak the language to solve the problem.

  31. Matt Says:

    Isn’t Hindu English most people’s second language? I for one, am glad to be able to test out my cognitive hearing skills.

  32. Reader Says:

    Bryan, perhaps we’re referencing different replies. I’m referring to this one:

    Bryan Says:
    November 26, 2008 at 12:27 am

    Jamie: First, it might be useful to learn English. You don’t seem to have a very good grasp of the language.

  33. Matt Says:

    Bryan has an excellent grasp of English, you should try his handshake.

  34. Corwin Says:

    Ok I speak fluent english AND I deal with technical support personel all the time that A) Don’t speak very good english and B) Don’t seem to know very much about computers and C) Don’t seem to understand english very well and D) Sincerely don’t seem to care if someone thousands of miles away is having trouble with thier internet…What no one seems to be discussing is NOT A) but B)thruD) as the problem.

  35. JR Says:

    Companies cover a product as long as they built it to last. So, when buying a product look at the manufacturer’s warranty. If it is a only a year, don’t plan on it lasting more than that. They only need it to last that long and then they are not held responsible. If the manufacturer’s warranty is not long enough for you but you still want the product, buy the extended warranty. It’s that simple.

  36. HP Employee Says:

    Hi all,

    I’m an HP employee. I strongly advise you NOT to buy HP products. Our CEO just raked in 42 MILLION bucks for 2008, while they cut our pay first by 5% now another 10 %. They are also laying employees off by the thousands, so expect product and support quality to go down even further. If you would like to get an idea what’s going on inside HP right now, check out this blog, especially the comments left by hundreds of HP employees.


  37. TM Scopel Says:

    Wasn’t sure if you had this link or not. It is for the current hp class action on the ZD800 models. I had a ZD7000 with the graphic lines problem. 1st lawsuit fixed it for a month. Then it happened again and when I called HP I was hung up on. Needless to say that I won’t even buy hp paper now, let alone anything else. Unfortunately, my model is not included and was considered settled at the 1st lawsuit. What a joke that was. However, I feel for everyone else and am posting this link everywhere. Call it a vendetta but, I’m getting my 2 grand back from them one way or another. Please help me get the word out.

    TM Scopel


  38. Jason Says:

    Alright, I have read NUMEROUS complaints about HP and their lack of just plain caring. Lets get together and voice our opinions. Please send an email to me @ hpsuxs@gmail.com, and I will provide you with contact numbers and names of who we can contact. If they won’t listen to us, let’s just keep calling until they do!! We deserve to be heard, lets get together and MAKE ourselves heard!!
    Edit/Delete Message

  39. pete Says:

    HP YOU eat my jehovian by standard!!!!!!!!
    H P IS THE BIGEST PILE OF CR*P Co. I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Its a good thing the Machines that you developed for IRAC to spy on americans during the golf war did not breakdown ha? (what the fu*c over: oh cr*p im sorry (not) i did not mean to let your little secret out? Aint that right traders!!

  40. Blane Land Says:

    NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HP !!! They used to be a company with integrity and are rip off corporate greed sellouts today. Myself and 15 other people that I am conversing with bought HP plasma TV’s about 2 years ago. EVERY SINGLE ONE HAS FAILED THE SAME WAY with a loud POP and no picture.


    HP service said $660 and no guarantee that the new part will fix it. I paid over $2000 and now I have a boat anchor. My father called this morning, his tv went out, BUT IT WAS 35 years old !!!! I told him to STAY AWAY from HP and not to expect the next one to last as long.

  41. Bad Bad HP Says:

    I paid about $70 to get the 90w smart card adapter because the orignial went bad. Now the dongle in not woking after about 4 months. I talked to HP about the price of the dongle and they wanted $65 for it. Talk about a highway robbery without showing a gun. Never ever again I will buy HP product, not beacuse their laptps are but because I am so so mad at them for trying to charge $65 for a dongle.

  42. ron Says:

    I have an HP Plasma I bought for $1100 2 years ago. The picture is now dead and I am hearing stories that HP knew of this defect and did not pull them off the shelf. HP wants $629 to fix it. There is a class action lawsuit in case anyone is interested.

  43. Chris Says:

    HP has been selling highly defective Pavilion Elite PC models. The core i7-based e9150t and e9180t models have had nothing but problems. Despite the constant calls, faxes and emails, HP has yet to address the issue publicly and assure it’s customers that a fix is on the way. Many people are on their 3rd or 4th PC, such as myself. Many have even contacted CEO Mark Hurd via the CEO Email link, and also his email address: mark.hurd@hp.com. No responses have been given to customers’ constant pleas for help. Even though customers have made the issues known to them, HP continues to sell the defective PCs. There is a forum on HP’s website that is over 120 pages long, and well over 1,000 posts.



    http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2009/09/29/hp_core_i7_glitch/ http://blogs.zdnet.com/hardware/?p=5594


    HP’s Corporate Objectives state: “Our continued success is dependent on increasing the loyalty of our customers. Listening attentively to customers to truly understands their needs, then delivering solutions that translate into customer success is essential to earn customer loyalty. Competitive total cost of ownership, quality, inventiveness, and the way we do business drives customer loyalty. ” What a joke.

  44. Chris Says:

    Check it out.

  45. HP Sucks Says:

    Same here : “Wish I would have just Google’d “HP Sucks” before I ordered from them.”

  46. ANGELA Says:

    Please, never, never buy HP again. My husband and I violated our rule of sticking with Dell and both bought HP pcs…me a laptop and he a desktop. His was refurbished and the motherboard fried 6 months after purchase. It only had a 3 month warranty. We tried every angle…but HP, even at a corporate level did nothing to make it right. My laptop came loaded with crap and out of laziness, I simply didn’t connect online and used it as a storage device. Then when the time came to need it to work online, all I wanted from them was the disc to rebuild (to try and build correctly without the crap)…just the disc….that’s all I asked of them even though the pc was a piece of crap…but no. The answer from them is no, no, no, no. They can’t help. They don’t care. NEVER BUY HP. ONLY BUY DELL!!!!! Dell has been good to us and we have bought many pcs. BOYCOT HP PLEASE..

  47. Chris Says:

    this sums it up pretty well….
    They’re just trying to suck more money away from us.

  48. Doug Says:

    Can you believe that now HP printers know (with software) if you have refilled a cartridge? And now the printer will not allow the printer to work since IT knows it has printed more pages than the original cartridge can print. It has locked me out of using MY printer with MY choice of ink. HP phone support confirms it.

    CRAZY. Try to save a few dollars on ink… THANKS HP. Anyone else experience this?

  49. Harold_of_the_Rocks Says:

    Take it from an IT pro…

    The thing about home users saying that HP sucks: They don’t care. Their commercial hardware alone is enough to keep them afloat, it has for 70 years. You box-store consumers are only a small piece of their profits. As long as people blindly go to OfficeMax, or where-ever, and buy printers and laptop’s, they will be okay on this end.

    So how do you change things? RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BUY.

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