Brain Damage, Button Pusher, or Genius?

We’ve been having problems with our printer lately (stay tuned for my rant on how HP sucks, coming soon) so I had to go out and pick up a new one tonight. Somehow we got to talking about which colors cartridges are used the most and I commented that we probably use black the most since we print mostly boring text documents. The Older Daughter pipes up and says, “wait, don’t we mostly print out in white?” (Sigh) Hello, the paper is already white. The printer doesn’t spray out white ink. So tell me, is she brain damaged (referencing Bill Cosby’s awesome humor here), trying to push my buttons, or a genius? Technically she is correct…the documents are mostly white. However, my vote is for pushing my buttons.

2 Responses to “Brain Damage, Button Pusher, or Genius?”

  1. Rick Says:

    I’d have to score this one for Pops. If she had said, “The document is in white,” then I’d say that she is correct. However, her reference to printing out in white implies that the ink is actually white. My vote is for brain damage. Better see a school psych about that one.

  2. saintpaulgrrl Says:

    Check her fingertips. If she has calluses there, I’d say she’s been pushing too many of Dad’s buttons on a frequent basis. 😉

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