Why Do We Like Sports?

So why are sports so appealing to us? Don’t get me wrong, I like sports too…particularly basketball (go Blazers). But when you boil sports down, they are really quite silly. Why do we like watching this stuff? Here are some major sports, boiled down to their most basic element:

  • Baseball: Hit a ball with a wooden stick
  • Basketball: Throw a ball up into the air so that it goes through a ring
  • Bowling: Roll a ball on the floor and try to knock over 10 funky-shaped wooden sticks
  • Football: Run with a ball across a white line
  • Golf: Hit a ball with a metal stick so that it goes into a hole in the ground
  • Soccer: Kick a ball into a rectangular box
  • Volleyball: Hit a ball over a net

Tell me why we like sports. I want to understand it.


4 Responses to “Why Do We Like Sports?”

  1. JT Says:

    “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It’s the classic good vs. evil battle. Survival of the fittest (or the most juiced). It’s not just hitting a ball with a stick, but another person trying to keep you from hitting it. It’s not just throwing the ball up, but another person trying to keep you from getting it in that ring. Not just running across the line, but another person trying to prevent you from your goal. Etc. Except for bowling and golf. They are still a mystery.

  2. Marquis Chapman Says:

    It’s simply the best form of competing and they’re fun. That’s the best I could come up with.

  3. John Says:

    Baseball – hit the ball with a stick and run before someone catches it.
    Football – Run the ball across a white line… avoiding the group of very large people trying to kill you.
    Soccer – run back and forth chasing a ball for no apparent reason. Occasionally everyone rends their clothes and screams… again, for no apparent reason. After 17 hours, the ‘game’ is over and everyone goes home.
    Bowling – Roll a large heavy ball on the floor…. drink beer.

  4. Rick Says:

    The whole us-vs.-them thing is entrenched in our DNA. Since we’re a (fairly) civilized society, we don’t rape, pillage, and burn the neighboring village in order see who’s the best any more. At least, we try not to. Now, to see who’s the “best”, we have our various forms of sports. And don’t forget, the object of most of the sports you mentioned isn’t necessarily to complete a given task with a ball. You also get a turn trying to prevent your opponent from doing the same thing.

    So given all that, I wouldn’t call sports “silly”, but rather something that’s necessary for a civilized society.

    lol @ bowling

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