The Green Movement Hits The Funeral Industry

You probably thought that the yappy, ankle-biting poodle that is the green movement was only going to harass you until you die right? Think again. The green movement is now targeting the $11 billion funeral industry according to an article on “Green” cemeteries featuring “natural” burials are starting to pop-up around the nation. It’s gotten big enough that there is now an industry group called the Green Burial Council that offers certifications to funeral homes. That way, you can make sure they are really as green as they say.

This evil conservative is not convinced, for the most part, that the green movement is having any real impact on environmental problems (some real, most imaginary). And even if I grant you that we have serious problems and need to take drastic steps, we wouldn’t see the slightest blip on the radar if we mandated that all burials are natural.

No, this is really more about greenbacks than going green. I’m sure there are some die-hard environmentalists running some of these green funeral homes, but there is definitely an element here taking advantage of increased “environmental awareness” to make a buck. And God bless them. That’s great and it is wat capitalism is all about. I just think it’s important to understand the real motivation.

In early November, NBC had a Green is Universal week in which they embedded going green propaganda into all their programs. These messages told you about steps you could take and products you could buy to help the environment. Well guess what? NBC’s parent company is General Electric; a company that produces many products being pushed by the shows: compact fluorescent bulbs, LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, wind turbines, and solar power. Again, making money on a fad is great. I just think it’s important to follow the money to understand the true motivation.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to pick up my Styrofoam-powered car that I just ordered.  🙂

3 Responses to “The Green Movement Hits The Funeral Industry”

  1. John Says:

    When my mom died and I found out the EXPENSIVE requirements that the Oregon DEQ has when it comes to burying a body.
    The body is drained and filled with embalming fluids that are not something that you want leeching into the groundwater, so the DEQ requires that the coffin is certified as ‘water tight’ and as if that isn’t enough, they require a grave liner. Both of these little features are very expensive. My Dad was put over the barrel for over $10k to bury my Mom. When you are wracked with remorse, how much are you going to fight?
    Ive told my wife that I either want to be cremated or buried in the cheapest pine box she can find. I’ll be damned if she is going into debt to dispose of something that is all natural.

  2. Bryan Says:

    That’s amazing. Not to be crass, but there is nothing more natural than simply throwing a body in the ground and letting it rot. We don’t mandate that animals jump through all these hoops when they die. The whole point of being buried is to return the substances held by your body back to Earth for reuse. There is nothing more unnatural or environmentally UNFRIENDLY than the requirements you describe. Leave it to government to screw everything up.

  3. John Says:

    The worst part is the stories I have heard from first-hand sources of what takes place when a cemetary is ‘moved’ for the sake of progress. (didn’t ANY of these people see Poltergeist?!?) The older remains are dry and not a problem to hoist up out of the hole and load onto a truck.

    One of the more modern boxes, the ones I mentioned previously… SLOSH!

    Enjoy your lunch!

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