Kohl’s Sucks

Okay, it’s time once again for a rant on a business. In the cross-hairs today: Kohl’s department store

As I acknowledged in a previous post (Fuddruckers Sucks), any business can have a bad day. So I’ll always give them a couple of tries if things are not going well. Kohl’s finally opened in our area about a year ago. Well, we have been there three separate times now and have had problems each time. They have what appear to be some good deals, but the quality is severely lacking. Each time we were shopping for clothes and each time we ended up with a damaged article. The damage ranged anywhere from a stain to a tear to a failed seam.

We haven’t been back since. However, I was just talking with a friend recently and heard about their experience. They were shopping in the toy section. When they got home and tried out the toy, it didn’t work. So they returned to the store and exchanged the item. Same story with the second today…no worky.

I don’t think it can be chalked up to coincidence that every Kohl’s shopping experience I’m familiar with has had a problem with the merchandise. So I don’t really recommend Kohl’s. But if you do go, check out what you are buying very carefully to avoid a return trip.


One Response to “Kohl’s Sucks”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    True! Quality of their clothing is terrible. I will no longer shop there.

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